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Highly Cited Researcher

Our CSO Professor Kevin Braeckmans is again on this year’s Clarivate list of highly cited researchers. We are proud.

Gentle Technologies for Cell Processing

We are excited to announce a collaboration by three innovative startups: LiveDrop, Aenitis Technologies, and Trince. The event, titled “Gentle Technologies for Cell Processing”,

Successful VLAIO R&D Grant Application!

Trince received a VLAIO R&D grant to support activities for further developing its novel intracellular delivery technology towards clinical cell-based therapeutic applications. The project runs until April 2025 and has three main objectives:
(1) Successful engineering of human T cells with large effector molecules (plasmids, mRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 RNPs) while preserving T cell fitness and therapeutic efficacy, (2) Develop a prototype device for automated high-throughput transfection of T cells based on Trince’s proprietary photoporation technology and, (3) Successful internal and external evaluation of the automated high-throughput prototype device.

White paper with Revatis

Together with Revatis, we successfully used our LumiPore transfection platform to deliver macromolecules into equine and human mesenchymal stem cells.